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Our Solutions

Customer Intelligence

Better Understand Your Customers and Competitors

We provide advanced customer intelligence solutions to drive actionable decisions for your business based on our vast data assets.

Location Intelligence


  • Quantify your physical location's footfall density and catchment area. 

  • Evaluate the potential of multiple locations​ for your business and prioritize new locations to open or close stores, ATMs, campaigns, charging stations for electric vehicles, etc.

Competitive Intelligence

  • Measure your App‘s market share against your competitors, and quantify user acquisition and retention opportunities. ​

  • Track your App’s key metrics - which competitors are you winning or losing users to, who are your lapsed users and whom can you target to drive user growth, and how loyal are your users compared to competitors? 

  • Understand your customers' and competitors' segmentation and usage habits to drive your business strategy.
Business Challenges

Today’s consumer expects a personalized omnichannel experience through multiple touchpoints, both physical and digital. As a result, understanding the customer journey from online to offline (O2O) and identifying opportunities to attract consumers is even more complex. 

​Marketers need help understanding who is engaging with our brand, through which touchpoints, in which locations, and where the opportunities are to attract more customers and drive more loyalty.

Our Solutions and Key Benefits
  • Plan confidently and make data-driven decisions with up-to-date footfall insights of 30m consumers in Thailand.  

  • Quantify addressable market size by geo-location for your target consumers.

  • Understand footfall density at target locations, consumer profiles, and interests to enable better targeting and engagement.

Example: Location Intelligence
Screen Shot 2022-11-25 at 10.42.08 AM.png
Example: Competitive Intelligence


Acquire New Customers Through Data

Credit risk insight

Credit Risk Insights

Control Your Risk Exposure

Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment

Build More Complete Customer Profiles

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