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Our Solutions

Data Enrichment

Build More Complete Customer Profiles

We enable direct access to vast databases through technologies compliant with privacy and data protection:

  • Access anonymized customer data grouped by the geographies or segments relevant to your business.

  • Access up to 400 labels of information per customer, providing the customer’s explicit consent.

  • Ask detailed questions to hyper-targeted panels of customers.

  • Create your own custom applications and analyses which are relevant to your business.

Business Challenges 

The move towards a privacy-focused future and the removal of third-party cookies makes it challenging for marketers to see a clear picture of their consumers. At the same time, consumers expect more personalized experiences and brands to engage with relevant products and recommendations proactively. 


While every business has first-party customer data, the problem businesses face is building a 360-degree view of consumers beyond their own products. Therefore, brand owners must find a way to close the gap in meeting consumer needs for relevancy while respecting privacy. Some critical questions marketers face are: 


  • Where are the opportunities to grow my customer base and drive existing customer loyalty?

  • Who should we target ads to, and in what way to we make the experience personalized?

  • How can we plan engagement actions precisely? 

  • How many people see my offline advertising? And how many of those take action on my physical or digital channels?

Our Solution and Key Benefits  

At True Analytics, we believe in partnerships and collaboration to achieve success. You will experience unparalleled opportunities to enrich your customer view through our industry-leading, privacy-first platform. Bridge the gap in understanding what your consumers want and what else they are interested in and uncover future potential to meet your consumers’ pain points.  


We help you:  


  • Enrich your customer data and understand their lifestyles, attitudes, and product interests in a privacy-compliant way.    

  • ​Launch more targeted marketing campaigns - Map your customers’ needs more accurately, so you know how best to serve them with relevant content, offers, and other personalized experiences.

  • ​Drive growth actions and return on investment by identifying what matters most to your customers with in-depth behavioral insights for the offline and online world.

  • Understand the performance of your offline advertising.

Tourism Intelligence Dashboard (International & Local) & the Most Used Route of BTS Dashboard
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Control Your Risk Exposure

Credit risk

Credit risk insight

Control Your Risk Exposure

Customer intelligence

Customer Intelligence

Understand Your Customers and Those of Your Competitors

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